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Nergal From BEHEMOTH Thinks Everybody Should Get Cancer (So They Could Learn From It)

Needless to say Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski is a man with a new lease on life. After being diagnosed with leukemia and then crushing it and overcoming it, Nergal is feeling pretty good about himself. A situation like that would change any person, and in a recent interview, he was asked how it changed him and Nergal had a somewhat surprising answer:

"I would say in many ways — too many to mention, actually… in numerous ways. It made me a better person, for sure. On a mental level, spiritual level… pretty much anything. Physically, I'm stronger than ever, too. It may sound controversial, but I would say that everyone should get cancer one day and learn from it, you know what I mean?! Obviously, I don't want anyone to get sick. It's more or less a metaphor for people to realize how much potential they can unleash if they want to, and [for them] to realize their potential."

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I get what you're saying brah, but I'll take the life-changing without the threat of death, what if I like…don't have internet for a week? I think that would make me a stronger person. I'd learn from it, definitely. It's practically the same thing right?

Nergal is currently in the process of finishing up his autobiography, set for release in Poland this fall.

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