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NAPALM DEATH's Bassist Has Two Side Projects With Dudes From MASTODON, FAITH NO MORE & BRUTAL TRUTH

Voivod too, and basically everyone from Mastodon.

Voivod too, and basically everyone from Mastodon.

Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury is already in other groups such as Bent Sea, Brujeria, Lock Up, Menace, and Venomous Concept. So why not throw two more in there? According to Embury, he's got two new groups going with members of Voivod, Faith No More, Mastodon, and Brutal Truth.

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The first group Embury touches on in an interview with The Void With Christina is one that involves Billy Gould from Faith No More on bass "on some of the tracks," Troy Sanders from Mastodon possibly also on bass, and "a guy from Voivod on guitar." The band will be called Tronos and will be produced by Napalm Death producer Russ Russell.

"One project, for about five years, I’ve been working on with a guy who produces our records. It’s got kind of a doomyish, doomy, weird, shoegazing, doomy kind of music. Billy [Gould] from Faith No More plays bass on some of the tracks, Troy from Mastodon, a guy from Voivod on guitar. ‘Cause the guy who produces our albums, he’s part of it so, we can record for free. So he’s been zoning out on it forever. It’s called Tronos—which is just Spanish for thrones—I nicked it from a Game Of Thrones DVD in Spanish.

"Russ Russell, the guy who produces the Napalm albums and stuff, and all the stuff that I’ve been involved with, he’s got quite a graphic deal as well… So he’s got lots of visual stuff going on and if we can pull it off I’d like to play the ‘Roadburn Festival‘ in Holland, cause then you’d be able to do the projections. And because of the people involved I can only imagine doing the odd show here and there."

Embury also discusses another group he's got going with Mastodon's Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor, and ex-Brutal Truth frontman Kevin Sharp.

"Kevin probably didn’t mention that me and him are doing a project with Bill and Bran from Mastodon. Well, he’s got about three million riffs now, we’ve just gotta try to arrange them into songs, it’s heavy stuff. We demoed it in Bill‘s studio, ’cause Kevin built Bill‘s studio for him. Kevin‘s a grindcore carpenter. So we just got a buncha riffs there, it’s a case of trying to work it out, it’s gonna take awhile."

Now all Embury needs is a third project with Mastodon's Brent Hinds, and he'll have collaborated with all of those dudes.

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[via The PRP]

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