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Most Of EVERY TIME I DIE Was Rehearsing Together This Week

They mentioned "new parts."


Every Time I Die broke up in January after the band parted ways with vocalist Keith Buckley. At the time, guitarist Jordan Buckley expressed interest in carrying on as a new band with co-guitarist Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche, and drummer Clayton "Goose" Holyoak – basically a Keith-less version of Every Time I Die under a new name. Now it seems like that might actually be happening.

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Jordan posted on Instagram that the quartet was rehearsing "new parts" at their AirBNB thanks to a guy renting the space named Connor. Jordan made it clear when Every Time I Die broke up that there "is no replacing Keith which is exactly why we never even gave [carrying on with a new singer] a thought," and that their "ability to write music together has only gotten better. I wouldn’t even know how to stop."

"Yo how fuckin dope is it that the only person who knows what our new parts sound like is the dude that was staying at our Air BNB this week?! ? Thanks for letting us practice Connor! You fuckin rule!"

Keith didn't seem to rule out the possibility of an Every Time I Die reunion either, saying at a recent show "it is not the end of anything: I can't even say what the state of the band is right now."

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