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JORDAN BUCKLEY On EVERY TIME I DIE's Breakup: "I've Forgiven And Moved On"

He's got an issue with how it was recently talked about.


Revolver Magazine published a lengthy article on the new supergroup Better Lovers on September 26. In part, the piece included an interview with Better Lovers guitarist Jordan Buckley, formerly of Every Time I Die.

A portion of the article discussed Every Time I Die's breakup, saying "[Jordan's] long-running metalcore institution, Every Time I Die, had dissolved in January after a messy intraband blowout that pitted him against his brother, ETID frontman Keith Buckley."

Jordan Buckley has since taken to Twitter to clarify that segment, saying the band was laid to rest after two final shows and that those shows were performed to preserve "what remained" of Every Time I Die's legacy. Jordan further notes he's "forgiven and moved on," and that public perception and what actually happened are two different things.

"For what I hope is the last time, please allow me to talk about my least favorite thing to talk about, before you continue on with what I hope is an absolutely lovely Tuesday," wrote Buckley.

"I remember ETID's death very differently than the author of this article…

"I don't recall a 'sparring match'. I remember proudly keeping quiet and exiting an unfixable situation. Keeping my composure and not defending myself online against the false accusations found on every news site was my choice/incredibly difficult, but I was in shock, and did it to preserve our final two shows and what I believed to remain of our legacy, and I won't let anyone say otherwise.

"The actual breakup didn't have (only) me 'pitted against' anyone, the internet and the fans did, which does not make it reality.

"Many others were involved and my goal was always to unite, not divide. I don't live in the past, I don't dwell on the past, but I won't let anyone rewrite it either. My side of the story has never been told, and I intend to keep it that way. I've forgiven and moved on. Accept that and please do the same."

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