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MORBID ANGEL To Work On "Full-On Death Metal Album" According To Returning Vocalist Steve Tucker

"All I know is I’m back in Morbid Angel to do a death metal album"

"All I know is I’m back in Morbid Angel to do a death metal album"

Now that the brouhaha with David Vincent exiting Morbid Angel is done, the band can get to work on their next album. Well, I guess they'll probably need a drummer first, but guitarist Trey Azagthoth and returning vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker are now starting work on the next album.

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If you so recall, the band's last album, Illud Divinum Insanus was a bit of a departure for the band (KILL-A-COP-COP-KILLA-KILLA-KILLA-COP) leaving some longtime fans dismayed at the lack of "brutal"-ness.

Fear not. In a new radio interview, Tucker makes it clear that this is going to be straight up death metal:

All I know is I’m back in Morbid Angel to do a death metal album. I mean, I expect the album to be full-on death metal. I mean, I expect there to… Obviously, it’s a Morbid Angel album, there’ll be twists and turns on the album, there’ll be stuff that’s different, but I think it being aggressive and it being underground is really what it’s gonna be about. I think that Morbid Angel is a death metal band, and that’s what this album — this next one — will be.

This should get some Morbid fans excited, but the reality is, the band is two people right now and they have some rebuilding to do. We'll wait and see.

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