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MESHUGGAH's Mårten Hagström Says New Album Is "Really Out There"

New Meshuggah might get pretty damn weird.

New Meshuggah might get pretty damn weird.

Meshuggah has recently announced plans for a new record in 2016, which naturally made the Internet explode into a frenzy of excitement and even maybe a little bit of speculation. The latter naturally dealing with how the new stuff is going to sound! Just between 2005's Catch ThirtyThree, 2008's obZen and 2012's Koloss, the band has changed sound enough for each album to have retained its own unique identity.

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So what direction exactly is the new stuff going in? I'm not even sure guitarist Mårten Hagström knows. Hagström revealed in a recent episode of The Jasta Show that he wants to stick to fairly rudimentary riffs with a bit of a tweak like "Bleed," while apparently drummer Tomas Haake and bassist Dick Lövgren have been writing some really crazy shit.

"We're early in the writing stage… We're writing right now, but we're really early still. And me personally, I'm really attracted by the idea of taking something that is really household in metal. 'Bleed' is a good example that Fredrik [Thordendal, guitar] wrote. You have like a triplet thing that is so fucking generic metal that it can't possibly get any more generic. But you do something with it that makes it come into a new territory. Put a little bit of a different [spin]… Not astronomically just rewrite the whole fucking thing, but just tweak it a little bit. And I'm really attracted to that. Right now I'm doing this song that, in essence… it's the most tragic metal song you would ever hear, but it doesn't come across that way 'cause I just tweaked it that extra mile. And I know Tomas [Haake, drums] and Dick [Lövgren, bass] have been working on a lot of stuff that is really out there. So I think it's gonna be a pretty diverse album."

Experimental Meshuggah has historically been awesome, but so has the band's entire discography. So be the new record super weird and out there or just your regular ol' Meshuggah, we're stoked! No word on if Kirk Hammett will have any guest solos, though let's be real here for a minute- that would rule.

[via Blabbermouth]

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