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MESHUGGAH Announce Plans for New Album in 2016

Posted by on March 18, 2015 at 1:53 pm

Meshuggah's drummer, Thomas Haake, has confirmed the group's plans to release a new record, due out by 2016. According to a Blabbermouth article, the group was touring this past summer and writing some material, and have recently been taking some time to finish up the business end of things for the album, but they are headed back into the studio now to finish writing.

In a new video update from the studio, Haake reveals the band hopes to have a new album out sometime in 2016:

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Mårten Hagström previously said about the upcoming record:

"[We're] mainly just sending stuff back and forth. I've been sitting down the last few weeks at home working by himself. I know Tomas [Haake, drums] has been working a little bit with Dick [Lövgren, bass], but mostly by himself as well. And that's generally how it goes for us. I mean, it doesn't get to be, kind of, a band effort until we've got something to stand on, some ideas and some half songs here and there that we can all dig into, cool stuff that might make it to the next album. And then everybody gets into the process and then it gets snowballing from there, it gets bigger and bigger real fast. But the early stages are always real slow, and that's where we're at now. But we're not rushing anything."

The group is also happily celebrating their 25th year since releasing an EP, and have honored this occasion by recording a special song and coming out with a DVD. If their work for the past 25 years and their incredible drive and passion is any indication, this will be one hell of a record.

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