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MEGADETH Flies Born-Deaf Woman To Her First Metal Concert

Megadeth is good people.

Megadeth is good people.

Sarah Churman was born deaf. She recently got an ear implant that allowed her to hear for the first time in her life. Here is some video:

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Churman might have been born deaf, but she was also born a metalhead! She is being flown to a Megadeth and Motorhead show this Thursday in Las Vegas for her first metal show ever. How cool is that? Plus she gets to interview Megadeth for an unspecified project the band are working on as well, which only adds to how great this whole situation is for her. Chruman was briefly interviewed by the Review Journal and was asked some really interesting questions, such as if she's been into rock and metal her whole life or if it's a recently-found love now that she can hear.

“Even though I couldn’t understand lyrics or different instruments, there was always a way to enjoy it. In my world, that was turning it up as loud as possible and feeling the vibrations.”

Or if she planned on wearing earplugs to the show, which would definitely have been something I'd have asked as well.

“Oddly enough, my cyborg parts — they have a governor on it. They shut down at a certain decibel, so you can’t damage anything."

That is an excellent feature to have! She also mentioned that the band had contacted her to come out to the show, so it's not even like Churman reached out to Megadeth to score some free tickets- the band and their management knew what was up. Man, can we start doing more stories like this? I bet your day just got like, a thousand times better.

[photo courtesy of Review Journal]

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