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MARK MORTON Discusses How Hip-Hop Influenced LAMB OF GOD's Omens

We're definitely picking up that vibe, too.


Lamb of God have certainly been pushing the envelope stylistically over the last ten years after establishing themselves as metal masters with their 2003 LP, As the Palaces Burn. But since 2015's VII: Sturm und Drang, the band has been experimenting quite a bit, whether it be vocalist Randy Blythe's experimentation with clean vocal styles, or the guitar work stepping into alternative metal realms, a la Deftones.

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Now, in a new interview with Metal Hammer, guitarist Mark Morton spoke a little bit about what was influencing the band while writing and recording their latest LP, Omens.

"I've been listening to a fair amount of jazz, Miles Davis stuff. I also listen to a lot of Americana – Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams, and a lot of that stuff. I'm all over the map really, but I think we all are," said Morton. "There's a prevalent hip hop influence in what we do, I think – groove metal is all about that cadence and bounce. Musically and lyrically, anyway – we're certainly not rappy or anything, but these heavy grooves make their way into the music."

Morton continued on this thought, and expanded even further by saying, "Over the past few years the inner workings of the band have been better than they've ever been, so we feel creatively motivated and enjoy the process. We care a lot about what we're doing – we're grateful to still have people that care about what we do."

You bet your ass we do! Lamb of God's recent effort is a headbanging tour de force that is relentless as it is compelling. And in regard to what Morton's saying about cadence and bounce being an X-factor in groove metal, etc., there are more than plenty of great examples of such focus on Omens. Frankly, if it doesn't end up being my album of the year, it would be quite a surprise. Also, is anyone else besides me interested in what Mark's favorite Miles Davis album is?

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