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Like son, like father.

Like son, like father.

In a new interview with Marilyn Manson over at Paper Magazine, the shock rocker poses for some photos with his dad, as photographer by renowned provocateur/possible creepo Terry Richardson. Manson's dad, Hugh, was dolled up in the same makeup Manson uses on himself. The results: Sr. is even scarier than Jr.:

Marilyn Manson and his dad Marilyn Manson and his dad 3

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According to the article, it was actually Hugh who applied the make up onto Manson. Turns out Manson speaks very fondly of his dad,

At our cover shoot, Manson's father put on the singer's makeup. "That's a good Ghost of Christmas Future," Manson says, laughing. "When I see pictures of my dad, I'm like, He looks like me. The first time I saw my dad in makeup was, ironically, the second concert I ever went to. He dressed as Gene Simmons and took me to the Kiss 'Dynasty' tour when I was 11. And people were asking my dad for his autograph."

(I had one interaction with Hugh. As Manson and I left the interview, the elder Warner called out, "You know, he came from my nut-sack.")

It's always nice when a musician has supportive parents. Hugh seems to be proud of his son. In case you are curious, here are a few photos of Hugh without the makeup.

Marilyn Manson and his dad 5

Marilyn Manson and his dad 4

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