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LAMB OF GOD Frontman Randy Blythe Back In Court Today; New Evidence; Ways You Can Help #FreeRandyBlythe

It's been a few days since we've heard anything on the Randy Blythe detainment in the Czech Republic. The Lamb of God frontman has been held for over two weeks in detainment over allegedly pushing a fan, Daniel N., off stage, resulting in head trauma to the fan and his eventual death from injuries sustained from the head trauma. Randy made bail last week, but it was denied by the prosecution on Monday, forcing the frontman to remain in a Prague prison for two weeks, without being formally charged with anything.

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Blythe will be back in court today to appeal the prosecution. Hopefully, there will be some good news to come out of the case, which we will report as soon as it happens. For now, here are some new tidbits of information on the case, as well as ways you can help:

LAMB OF GOD Frontman Randy Blythe Back In Court Today; New Evidence; Ways You Can Help #FreeRandyBlythe

Above are two new photos that surfaced (found by the, photos which do not match any of the released video footage of the fan. allegedly showing Randy interacting with the fan in question. The first one clearly shows the fan having a good time (as evidenced by the horns), but the second photo is a bit less obvious. Although there were reports that choking was involved, The Gauntlet was quick to point out that even in the second photo, it is impossible that Blythe is choking the fan, as his hand is nowhere near the windpipe.

Also, The Gauntlet did some audio isolation and found that during the performance, security actually warned the fan in question, shouting at Daniel "do not go up there, calm down."

So it's been two weeks, and there has not been any concrete evidence that has surfaced to in any way, prove Randy's guilt, and yet he is still detained and not being let go. Support for Randy is getting larger and larger. Both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, arguably the most "visible" metal personalities in the mainstream world, tweeted about Randy recently:

Additionally, former Headbangers Ball host Rikki Rachtman came up with the suggestion of tweeting CNN news correspondant Anderson Cooper to get some mainstream news attention on this story, which a lot of people have done, but no response from the news man yet/:

Additionally, information for the US Embassy in Prague, where Randy is detained, has been made publicly available. You can contact the embassy at @USEmbassyPrague, at the phone number 011 (420) 257 022 000 or on Facebook. Having already seen an outpouring of support on their page, the Embassy released this official statement:

“The U.S. Embassy provides standard consular services to American citizens in need of assistance. We cannot discuss specific cases due to privacy concerns.”

It's good to see that the Embassy has at least taken notice. As we've previously mentioned, there is a White House Petition with almost 6,000 signatures as of this writing, and about 19,000 more needed before anybody at the White House takes notice.

That's all we have for now, but if we hear anything about the case today, we will be sure to post about it. We'll end this post with some on-stage banter from Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain last night at their show in Richmond, VA.

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