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LAMB OF GOD Bassist John Campbell To Sit Out Remainder Of Tour Due To Family Emergency

Monday's Lamb of God show in Seattle was surprisingly cancelled at the last minute. At the time, frontman Randy Blythe made a quick mention apologizing for canceling the show on his Instagram:

[T]oday is an unexpected day off. We were supposed to be in Kent, Washington, but one of our band members had to go home to handle some family business- his family needs him, he goes home, no questions asked. We as a band ALWAYS put family first- it comes before the band, before ANYTHING. So we apologize to our WA fans, & hope to see you sooner rather than later, but when our family really needs us, we drop everything & go take care of business. That's how it should be. The tour will continue, nothing else is cancelled, we are all fine, no one is arrested or hurt or in rehab or any of that typical rock-n-roll stuff- it's just family business, which is private stuff for us, so that's that. Don't bother to ask who or what, here or if you meet us in person, because we keep that stuff to ourselves.

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Turns out that member was bassist John Campbell, because the dude is sitting out the rest of the tour because of the family emergency.

Matt DeVries, formerly of Chimaria, currently of Fear Factory has stepped in to fill in the remainder of the dates. What a trooper! I can't imagine being asked to drop everything, hop on a plane, AND learn like 15 songs in a matter of days. I guess that's why these guys are professional musicians and I'm sitting here writing about it.

Our thoughts go out to John and his family, and hopefully everything will end up being ok.

There is still time to enter to win tickets to Lamb of God's current tour with Killswitch Engage, Testament and Huntress. You can enter our giveaway, which has a winner for each stop here.

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