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Kirk Hammett Reveals His Favorite New METALLICA Song To Play Live

It's not "Spit Out The Bone." Not yet, anyway.

It's not "Spit Out The Bone." Not yet, anyway.

Metallica is slowly but surely rolling out the songs from Hardwired To Self Destruct in a live setting, which means there's already got to be a favorite. Kirk Hammett tells CFOX in an interview that his current favorite is "Halo On Fire," mainly because when the chorus hits, the audience really gets into it.

I really like playing "Halo on Fire." There's just something about that song that just like… We established a mood really quickly, and it seems like the audience is with us every step of the way. Because when we get to the chorus, [the audience] is singing the chorus with us. It's cool. It's a really cool, fun song to play on guitar as well.

Metallica has not yet debuted "Spit Out The Bone," but they're working on it. It'll be interesting to see what songs they bring out on the next tour too, considering all 12 songs off the album seem to be pretty well-loved by fans! Thirteen if you're counting "Lords Of Summer."

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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