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KINGS OF THRASH Is Working On A Record Under A Different Name & With A New Vocalist

Kings Of Thrash is still around, though.

Kings Of Thrash

Kings Of Thrash, the band featuring former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Jeff Young, is currently working on a record of all originals under a different name and with a new vocalist. In an interview with Metal Express Radio, Young revealed that Kings Of Thrash will still tour and play old Megadeth material, but their original music will be a whole separate entity.

"Chaz [Leon] is our singer for [Kings Of Thrash], for doing the Megadeth stuff, but for the original stuff, Ellefson and I have been writing for over a year; we've been working on some songs," said Young. "We're using this guy from Brazil that's gonna blow you guys away. He sounds kind of like Dio meets Chris Cornell meets Rob Halford. He's got perfect pitch, so he never hits a bad note. It's crazy."

Ellefson previously hinted at Kings Of Thrash recording new material under a new name, adding that the non-Kings Of Thrash original material might not even be thrash. It does feel a little confusing to roll out a new band somewhat related to Kings Of Thrash, but under a new name without mentioning the name, but hey – if it works, it works. We'll see.

"We're deciding, as we're writing new material… Because, look, it doesn't have to be thrash," said Ellefson. "It doesn't even have to be from a Megadeth origin, really. Even though that was kind of the origin story, it doesn't have to sound like that. It should be us, who we are now today, I think. So, we've decided Kings Of Thrash, for sure, is this [touring project] playing the music of yesterday. And then we're just deciding now, okay, this new music, to fit within that, should it be Jeff Young and David Ellefson doing something together? You know — Ellefson-Young."

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