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KING DIAMOND's Secret Weapon Matt Thompson Has Been Releasing Cool Drum Cam Videos

Despite all the downsides of the Coronavirus pandemic, including the cancelation of shows and touring around the world, there have been a few silver linings to these weird times we're living in. Specifically, I'm talking about all the killer videos and internet action some of the world's best musicians have been releasing the last few months to keep things entertaining during their stage absence.

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One musician I'm particularly stoked to see release more content lately has been Matt Thompson, drummer extraordinaire for King Diamond. He may not get the same spotlight as the long-running essential guitarists Andy LaRocque or Mike Wead, but you'd be a fool to dismiss Thompson's undeniable chops through his 20 years of bringing the band's grooves to life.

Retaining the throne longer than any other drummer before him, Thompson showcases chameleon-like ability to perform the stylings of previous heavy hitters like Mikkey Dee and Snowy Shaw with ease, and even adds his own flavor through out King Diamond's career spanning set each night, which includes the several records he's recorded with the band over the last two decades.

Through all the vocal melodies by King Diamond and Livia Zita, paired with duo guitar trade off's by LaRocque and Wead, there is undoubtably A LOT going on the note department. However, all the time shifting, snare snappy, headbang friendly grooving is brought to you by the band's one and only drummer. If you've ever seen them live, then you already know he's doing an incredible job.

I've said many times before, I think Matt Thompson is a criminally underrated name in the game. But, here in 2020, it's all about hitting that reset button and making things right. If you're a King Diamond fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Thompson's YouTube page where he's been releasing some killer drum cam footage, playthrough's and more!

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Check out some of the selections below, and subscribe to his YouTube page here.

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