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KERRY KING's New Band Is "On Par With SLAYER," Seems To Be Coming In 2023

According to renown radio DJ Nikki Blakk.

Kerry King

Rumors surrounding former Slayer guitar Kerry King's new band have been swirling lately. King recently confirmed the new band will feature ex-Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph and that material was written while Slayer was on their farewell tour.

Now former 107.7 The Bone DJ Nikki Blakk has taken to Instagram to spill a little more information about the band, seemingly hinting that we're not hearing anything until 2023. She also notes that she's been informed about who's in the band, but won't say anything.

"I heard the new #KerryKing songs last night & they are CRUSHING???????????? The world hasn’t been the same without Slayer But, now I’m looking forward to 2023. …and yes, I know who’s in the band, but NO, I won’t tell you. #SorryBlabbermouth #AboutLastNight #Slayer #NotSlayer #Metal"

Blabbermouth also points out when one commenter said on Blakk's Facebook post that former Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman wrote all the band's "best songs" and that those "will never be outdone by Kerry's new band," Blakk replied "Jeff wrote a lot of their greatest songs, but far from all of them. Not to mention, many were written by King/Hanneman together." She later added "I'm not going to have the Lombardo/Bostaph argument, cause they're both killer drummers, but they couldn't be more different in style, for 2 guys who played the same songs. Personally, I'm #TeamBostaph, but it's purely subjective. Lastly, Kerry was a major contributor to the Slayer sound and towards the end, he orchestrated nearly all of it, so anything he does will be on par with Slayer."

It's also an insane thing to say that King's new band won't be as good as Hanneman's material considering we haven't heard a lick of music from King's new band. So y'know, tough comparison when you don't know a single thing.

In a recent interview, King said about the project "You know me, so you know what it's going to sound like. I played this new song for a buddy, and I said to him, 'If there's anything I've written in the last few years that sounds like Slayer, it's this.' And he said, 'That sounds like you could have pulled it off of any Slayer record.' I actually made that riff up backstage at a Slayer show. We were walking to the stage and I got my phone out and recorded it so I wouldn't forget it."

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