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JOE DUPLANTIER Isn't Rushing Back Into The Studio To Make The Next GOJIRA Album

They'll get there, though.


Gojira released their latest record Fortitude in April 2021, which of course means it's time for everyone to start asking when a new record might surface. In an interview with Heavy (via Blabbermouth), Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier said he's more interested in coming home from tour and spending time with his family instead of jumping right back into the studio. Duplantier notes that back in the day, Gojira would've gotten right into the studio after tour, but family is taking precedence right now.

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"Yeah, that would be a very organic thing for us to do now, to concentrate on an album, because we love putting out music and then going on tour and playing shows. So it's kind of part of a cycle. It's not a great surprise there, unless we call it a day and we split one day, and then there will be no more albums.

"It's an intense life — it's a very intense life — so personally I need to process what happened on the road and I need to spend time with the family. I can't jump right back, like I used to do with the guys. Right after the last tour of a cycle, we would be in the studio the day after almost, writing stuff. But I love being in the studio, I love coming up with new ideas, et cetera – but I really feel the need to be with my family more than ever."

Duplantier also notes that he's not interested in working on new Gojira unless he has something to say. Which is a great way to go about making excellent music, rather than simply crapping out content for the streaming gods.

"Also, I would say this: before writing an album, I think it's important to have something to say. So if you're not recharged, you might repeat yourself or record songs in a weird state where you can't hear anything because your ears are shut. It could be dangerous, to produce bad albums."

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