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"We worked our asses off. People fucking hated it. I was an easy target."


Former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer launched his ill-fated new band Psychosexual in 2020. Then Spencer pulled all the band's music from the Internet in 2021 and relaunched Psychosexual with a new single. And then, to make things even more confusing, Psychosexual changed its name to Psycho Synner that same year and began working on a multitude of albums.

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Despite the name change and the rebrand, people had a visceral hatred for Spencer's new band the whole time. In an interview with Blabbermouth, Spencer admits that he knew nobody liked the project and that he was doing it to get away from Five Finger Death Punch.

"It was quite an experience. I wanted to do something really different from Death Punch. I wanted to do something visually stimulating and fun. It was supposed to be lighthearted and fun, but before we figured out our core sound, we released some cheesy and boneheaded songs early. I don't think we recovered. People said, 'This sucks.' I said, 'Hold on! It's going to be different.' We went on to release 11 albums and nine in one day. We worked our asses off. People fucking hated it. I was an easy target."

He continued: "I got to experience a lot of different styles of music. I did a song with Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet. To me, that was awesome. And we had seven number-one songs on the secondary radio market at rock radio. It was a band that did some cool things on the radio but could never break through into the public. They didn't care. Now, Semi-Rotted is the only thing I'm focusing on."

It feels like Spencer was partially a victim of circumstance – dude played in Five Finger Death Punch, a band that the Internet seems to have negative opinions of. On the other hand, Psychosexual and Psycho Synner were pretty damn cheesy in all the wrong ways, and felt like they were targeting a very Five Finger Death Punch audience. Plus y'know, releasing 11 albums in a single day is a bad idea.

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At least Semi-Rotted is pretty good.

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