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JACK OSBOURNE On OZZY: "I Don't Think He'll Tour Again"

Though one-off shows aren't out of the question.

Ozzy Halfin
Photo by Ross Halfin

Ever since he fell in 2019 and sustained pretty serious injuries that aggravated a decade-old spine injury, the metal realm has been buzzing with speculation about Ozzy Osbourne's future.

Things haven't been easy for the Prince of Darkness ever since: he publicly revealed in 2020 that he's been battling Parkinson's disease since 2003, and his string of health issues have forced him to cancel several tour dates and performances, including his presence at PowerTrip last October.

While the legendary frontman has expressed his determination to return to the stage, and certainly doesn't seem to stop creating new music, his son Jack Osbourne, has his doubts on that possibility.

In a recent interview with The Messenger, Jack Osbourne expressed his belief that his father's health may prevent him from going on tour again, even when the chance for Ozzy to do some isolated live appearances remains viable.

"I don't think he'll tour again. But he's gunning to do one-off shows — like festivals, gigs, things like that. He's not done yet."

Jack went on to assert that his father's last surgery seems to have been successful: "There were a few hiccups, but he's doing good. He's got no more pain, no more nerve issues."

Jack's comments are sure to come as a blow to most of Ozzy's followers, who have been eagerly awaiting his return. Only time will tell if he will ever be able to embark on a tour again, but for now, I'll go and play Blizzard of Ozz as loud as I possibly can.

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