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Is It Wrong To Laugh At These Juggalo Discrimination Stories?

Remember when the FBI classified Insane Clown Posse's fan base, the juggalos, as a gang? ICP weren't happy, so they decided to sue. In the process of filing the lawsuit, they asked any juggalos who had been discriminated against to speak out.

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Some of these accounts have surfaced, and I can't help but giggle.

Noisecreep uncovered a few of these submissions, which were found in "Juggalos Fight Back: Family Under Fire," which Noisecreep describes as "a biweekly newsletter aimed at exposing the problems that Juggalos face." Where can I subscribe?

Here is the best one:

"I was in Indianapolis about three months ago and went into a gas station. As I was heading to get a soda, the clerk said, 'Hey, we don't serve your kind here.' I was confused so I asked 'What do you mean by that, sir?' Then he said 'You're wearing that ICP Juggalo stuff and Juggalos are a gang. You have two choices, son. One, you leave my store nice and calm or two, I call the law.' So I left but I still don't think that was right." –Joshua M. Bloomington, Indiana

I think the reason the above is so hilarious is that if you replace "juggalo" with any minority, it would be legitamite gripe, but to hear it happen to a juggalo? That's giggles. This next one is a bit sad:

"I lost custody of my daughter recently during a custody battle with the father.
The father brought my music preferences in to question at the hearings, calling the courts attention to my being a Juggalo. He told the court that Juggalos are 'meth head cult members who are extremely violent and listen to the Insane Clown Posse together.' Even though I have only baked cookies, played 'Guitar Hero,' taken walks, played with our children at the park, etc. with the Juggalos that I know.

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"I ended up having to go through an expensive drug assessment, even though the father didn't accuse me of current drug use at that time. The guardian ad litem's reasoning for this drug assessment was actually because she thought it was important that I prove my credibility to the court since I am a Juggalo. The father submitted pictures of me wearing face paint and a picture of my daughter and I baking a cookie in the shape of a hatchetman.

"As soon as the custody hearing began, it seemed like it was all about the Juggalo issue. I ended up losing primary custody of her and now get to see my daughter three weekends per month. I don't get to participate in any of her school activities unless the father grants permission to do so.

"I don't understand how baking a cookie or wearing face paint like a clown– nothing more, nothing less–could be used as such powerful ammo against me in court. The father made up an entire case of lies and won his case because the court ate up everything he said after the Juggalo issue was brought up." –Deanne S., Everett, Washington

Yikes! To lose a kid over liking a band? That cuts hard. More of these tales can be found at Noisecreep.

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This is the new type of world juggalos have to live in. Have you ever discriminated against a juggalo? Or, been discriminated as a juggalo? We want to know!

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