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"It's what he created in the past."


Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier is pretty tired of everyone dumping on Lars Ulrich. In an interview with Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds on his Downbeat Podcast, Duplantier said he'd like to bring some justice to what Ulrich has accomplished throughout his career and end some of the hate.

"We need to bring some justice for him, because it's not about moving tempo-wise," said Duplantier. "It's what he created in the past. I'm a bit tired of seeing all this conversation about Lars because what he did create is quite unique. Listen to fucking …And Justice For All. It's amazing."

"And to play at fucking 60-something years old – or 60, sorry – playing for two hours and playing long fucking [songs like] 'Master Of Puppets,' eight and a half minute long songs," said Reynolds.

"It's very physical and what he brought to the table back in the day – you know, playing without shirts and doing all these faces, and standing up behind the kits – is almost more important than the rest. It's the the personality on stage for me as a kid, I was just fascinated," added Duplantier. "It was not about the technique, you know? 'Is it tight? Is he [playing well]?' I didn't care. I just saw someone behind the drums. A true personality."

Reynolds also revealed that his original idea for The Downbeat Podcast was a podcast called And Justice For Lars, where Reynolds would talk to other artists about why Ulrich rules.

It's also understandable to see where Duplantier and Reynolds are coming from. Ulrich's drumming in the past ranges from wildly technical on the band's '80s material to rock solid foundational stuff throughout the '90s, and then a combination of both into the new millennium. And outside being a drummer, Ulrich also has writing credits on a boatload of Metallica songs.

So the dude is obviously talented and of course we all respect his contributions to metal – it's just easy to poke fun at some of the things he does sometimes.

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