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GAZA Members Reunite As CULT LEADER

Kind of. When I say "Gaza members reunite," I basically mean "Gaza gets a new singer and changes their name to Cult Leader." This is all coming off the heels of former vocalist Jon Parkin getting accused for rape. What the hell does it all mean?!

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Long story short, Gaza broke up after Parkin got accused of raping this girl (which his name has been cleared of).

Whether the two incidents were linked or they were just purely coincidental is a mystery, though I'd tend to think with a crazy strain on the band like that coupled with the fact that nobody ever really found out the truth, something happened that caused the break up. So now the band is everyone from Gaza but with this new singer Sam Richards, who I don't know at all. Here's to hoping he's pretty good and can at least keep up with the band's furious pace!

[via The PRP]

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