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Funeral Doom Friday: Stream New Music From SOOTHSAYER, FUOCO FATUO, and ENGRAVED


And lo! The weekend approaches. Today is Friday! At Metal Injection, that means it’s time for the doomed denizens of the world to unite. For now is the time for Funeral Doom Friday. 

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BONUS: Those curious to know more about the etymology behind “Friday,” and the Norse goddess from which the name is derived, can start here.


Ever since Soothsayer released two stellar EPs, (Soothsayer in 2015 and At This Great Depth in 2016) doom consumers have frothed at the mouth for a full-length. Today, Transcending Obscurity Records shall sate our appetite. Echoes From The Earth, Soothsayer’s debut album, has crawled forth from the sludgy primordial wastes. 

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For those who might enjoy a second helping of Soothsayer for their weekend torment, Cursed Monk Records will be printing CDs of Soothsayer’s Live In Malta. Recorded in the pre-pandemic days of yore, the live recording features performances of 2 songs that the band would later track for Echoes Of The Earth. 

Stream Live In Malta below. Cassette connaisseurs, fret not! Soothsayer have Live In Malta on tape as well

Fuoco Fatuo
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Fuoco Fatuo (“will-o’-the-wisp” in English) went to great lengths to give us their latest release. Or, perhaps more apropos, they went to great depths. Fuoco Fatuo’s latest album Obsidian Katabasis refers to the Greek motif of descending into the underworld. Released last Friday, Obsidian Katabasis isn’t an explosive album as much as it is an implosive one. Obsidian Katabasis has enough mass and density to generate its own gravity. A swirling celestial wound that inhales star and planet alike. And likewise inhaling the dreams, hopes, and desires of the citizens of those same stars and planets. Beautiful. Dark. And highly recommended. 


Often, plumbing the aquatic recesses of Bandcamp yields a fruitful harvest. Today’s Funeral Doom Friday brings one such harvest, in the form of Rehearsal MMXXI by San José, Costa Rica’s Engraved. 

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Comprised of a single track entitled “Mourning In Funeral Miasma,” Rehearsal MMXXI boasts a low, bassy production. It’s neat, deliberate, and clean. But the recording quality alone will definitely appeal to fans of mid-90s funeral doom. Engraved are a band who already have a strong sense of identity. On a personal note, I’m not typically one for rehearsal demos. But this one immediately commanded my attention. And I can’t wait to hear more. 

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