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Former MEGADETH Drummer Nick Menza Open To Retuning To The Band

You may have heard a few weeks ago that drummer Shawn Drover quit Megadeth. Shortly after, guitarist Chris Broderick quit as well. With 50% of the band quitting, some weren't sure if Megadeth were continuing. The band got enough questions that bassist David Ellefson had to reassure everybody that Megadeth wasn't ending.

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Now that the band has open spots to fill, many have been looking to former members of the band to possibly rejoin. In fact, Nick Menza, the band's drummer during their most successful era, even chimed in saying he would be open to it:

Like i have said in the past. I don't rule out rejoining Megadeth and the opportunity would be totally cool. I'm open to whatever could possibly happen, That's up to Dave. Right now I'm focused on writing and demoing songs with Chris Poland and James LoMenzo.

Well of course he'd be open to it. Megadeth are hugely successful, meanwhile he's been under the radar for the most part. I wouldn't read too much into this because the last time we talked about Menza and Mustaine, Menza slammed Mustaine for blowing him off at the NAMM convention earlier this year.

Mustaine even publicly commented not too long ago that he is not into a reunion with Menza and guitarist Marty Friedman, the classic lineup of the band – however, this was when Drover and Broderick were still in the band. He literally said "that makes as much sense as somebody saying, 'Put a rotten tooth back in your mouth."

Plus I'm sure Menza would want his fair share of money to play with the band again and Mustaine has no reason to give it to him. He can just as easily hire a twenty-something prodigy drummer who's been listening to Megadeth all their life to play for the band at half the cost. At this point, it's just a business decision.

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So what do you think? Will Mustaine ever agree to have Menza back in the band?

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