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SLIPKNOT's Corey Taylor Once Rubbed His Balls On Axl Rose's Piano Just Because…

Corey Taylor has no time for rock star bullshit.

Corey Taylor has no time for rock star bullshit.

Corey Taylor has no time for rock star bullshit. He called out Kanye West and on a recent visit to the Opie and Jim Norton show, Taylor pointed his sights on Guns N Roses main man Axl Rose.

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Apparently, during the show, a GNR fan called in to chastize Corey Taylor for smacking his nuts on Axl's piano. Wait, what?! I guess I didn't get the memo, because a little Googling revealed (you don't wanna know the search terms I used here) that on Taylor's last book tour, he told a tale of how the two bands were on the same festival bill and GNR was restricting a certain corridor, so Taylor snuck in, played Axl's piano and rubbed his balls on it. He tells the story in this video here:

Asked by the GNR fan why he did that, Taylor responded:

"Knowing Axl, it's quite easy, my friend. I mean, anybody who makes his fans wait for two to three hours for him to go on stage, I have no respect for…"

He continued: " I love GUNS N' ROSES, dude. I love 'Appetite [For Destruction]'; I think that's a fantastic album. But when you make your fans wait that long — and I don't give a fuck what hard-on just said: 'Oh, we expect it.' Well, you're a fucking idiot then. All right? Figure it the fuck out."

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Taylor added: "You know why there are really no original fucking members of GUNS N' ROSES left? Because [Axl] made 'em wait three fucking hours! You want an 'Appetite' reunion? Tell him to fucking stop being a douchebag."

It seems like Corey Taylor is the hero we need to protect us from rockstar douchebaggery. Here's the video of the call:

[via Blabbermouth]

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