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SEBASTIAN BACH vs. CHRIS JERICHO Is The Most Insane Feud of the Week

I've been meaning to write about this all week, and the story has just gotten wilder and wilder. Last Wednesday, while former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was telling Trump supporters that they "stand against rock n' roll and every musician out of work," he also started on online war of words with Fozzy frontman and AEW superstar Chris Jericho.

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Jericho was trending on Twitter last Wednesday night, because that's the night AEW's weekly show, Dynamite, airs on TNT. I guess that lead to somebody pointing out to Bach that Chris Jericho's current look reminds this person of Sebastian Bach. Apparently, Bach has been hearing this so much THAT HE HAD ENOUGH!

Here is where the fun begins. Another random tweeter decides to insult Bach, saying "Jericho has you beat" and this leads to Bach… insulting Jericho?

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A fan offered footage and said he himself heard Jericho singing, which was not enough for Bach.

Even if Jericho does lip sync, what does this have to do with anything? Finally, late late in the night, Jericho got wind of the tweets and pushed back on Bach's claims:

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Jericho then pointed out that Fozzy has more monthly listeners than Sebastian Bach, by 10 times the amount.

Naturally, Bach keeps denying Jericho and then this happened:

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Bach denies any derogatory comments:

Jericho again denies:

At this point, Bach just insults Jericho to random tweeters. It would be at this point that somebody should have told him to log off:

Eventually, Bach thought better and decided to go to bed.

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But did it end there? Oh hell no!

First off, Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward pointed out that Jericho would always defend Bach against "the worst things said about [Bach]" but seeing this is just sad.

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Jericho was not about to have his name besmirched, so on his weekly Saturday livestream, he offered this a cappella version of the Skid Row classic "Youth Gone Wild"

No lip syncing or miming there.

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At this point, Bach responded with a message that puts him squarely in heel territory. He shows a screenshot of him sending countless text messages to Jericho, knocking him, over drama that Bach himself started. Perhaps the weirdest part is him self-censoring curse words IN A PRIVATE TEXT MESSAGE. The tweet has since been deleted, perhaps because Bach saw how silly he was being?

Thankfully, it has died down since then. We hope you've enjoyed this journey.

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