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Sebastian Bach Fires Back After SKID ROW Guitarist Talks Shit In Interview


Heavy metal media has caused a ruckus one again as has pissed off Sebastian Bach, and more than likely restarted a decades-old feud.

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Blabbermouth recently posted an interview with Skid Row guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo on Eddie Trunk's radio show, where he said reuniting with Bach would not be a "pleasurable" experience.

After being asked how close the band came to linking back up with Bach after vocalist Tony Harnell exited the band, Sabo replied:

"Pretty close… You know what? I said 'pretty close,' and that's actually not true. Because we didn't get beyond text messaging each other, to be quite honest. The same old stuff just seemed to exist where there was this confrontational sort of demeanor going back and forth between myself and Sebastian.

"A reunion [with Sebastian] would have been great for a lot of other people who have wanted to see that happen," Sabo said. "But for us, it would not have been pleasurable, to be quite honest."

The former Skid Row vocalist saw this and quickly took to Twitter to throw heat at both Blabbermouth and his old band. "Nice try on the character assassination guys," Bach wrote. "Keep dreaming of 26 years ago."

One person commented that it was a "Kardashian move" and "unmetal," so Bach felt the need to fire off another tweet. "I am actually accusing Blabbermouth of this shit daily. I have not been in a room with Skid Row since 1996. There is no possible way any one of the members of skid row could know what any 'experience' with me is like 23 years after being in a room with me."

Bach was fired from Skid Row in 1996, and rumors persisted through the years that he was fired after booking the band to open for KISS without consent from the rest of the band. Turns out that wasn't true, and he was apparently fired for being a dick.

So don't hold your breath on Sebastian Bach rejoining the band any time soon.

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