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FALLING IN REVERSE's Ronnie Radke Goes On Bizzare Rant On "Pussy People" At Warped Tour

This statement is bizarre.

This statement is bizarre.

There was an "incident" earlier this week on Warped Tour that has the community buzzing. A video showed up on Twitter featuring the singer of punk band The Dickies going off on a female fan in attendance:

No matter what the girl was saying,  frontman Leonard Graves comes off like a child in his response to a girl half his age. Dude should know better.Warped Tour acted quickly kicking the band off the remainder of their dates. The Dickies offered this response, which just makes them look worse in my eyes:

While doing our show a handful of people took it upon themselves to express their ire with my routine–a routine that includes apish antics, a penis puppet, and often ends with me saying, "You're a great looking bunch of kids. We'd love to go down on each and every one of you but we just don't have the time.”

Apparently this group thought I meant it literally as they were holding a sign on the side of the stage (which was then thrown at me) that read: “Our teenage girls don’t need to be subjected to derogatory jokes by a disgusting old man” “Punk isn’t predatory”…

I wasn’t there to “prey" on anyone’s child. In all honesty, as fine as most of my audiences are, I'll pass on having oral sex with each and every one of them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to affix my groovy new “I *heart* Beaver" magnet (that I picked up in Beaver, Colorado) to the refrigerator and listen to “Beat On The Brat” by The Ramones. If some of you kids haven’t heard of them yet, check 'em out! They’re pretty cool.

To make matters more confusing, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke had to chime in with the least coherent comments I've read this week:

I'm so over these pussy ass people, warped tour used to be a place where whatever you said, it was accepted, now you have to be careful what you say because some Feminazi-Jesus freak-white girl who's pro black will start a blog and rant about it in her room on YouTube. fuck this generation and fuck you if you do this shit. Bring back punk rock. bring back freedom of speech. fuck everyone.

FALLING IN REVERSE's Ronnie Radke Goes On Bizzare Rant On "Pussy People" At Warped Tour

Ronnie Radke is so punk rock he cares what some "feminazi" thinks. It's not like punk bands haven't been protested before. Maybe if the singer of The Dickies just went on with his set and ignored these people, as opposed to being an incredibly inappropriate douche, everything would've been fine. These people who cry "censorship" are so quick to point out how sensitive the "other side" is, meanwhile this Dickies guy is the biggest snowflake of all. That video up there is what it looks like to be triggered by some 15 year old girl holding up a sign calling you an old man. So punk rock.

Also, can somebody please explain what this part means: "…Feminazi-Jesus freak-white girl who's pro black." What does "who's pro black" have to do with anything?!?

[via RockFeed]

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