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ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte Calls Paolo From TRIVIUM “the Third Most Important Guy in a Four-Man Band”

Has Phil Labonte heard himself sing?

Has Phil Labonte heard himself sing?

All That Remains' Phil Labonte refuses to debate us but he has no problem going on Info Wars to talk with Milo Yiannopoulos. Labonte appeared on the fringe right website a few days ago to talk about his gun control statement and how those mean socialist bloggers at MetalSucks made fun of him for it.

Labonte ran to his safe space and the whole clip is exciting to watch if you're the type of person who enjoys rolling their eyes every 30 seconds.

That headline: Phil Labonte, The Last Defender of Freedom and Metal – LOL. Have these Info Wars folks actually heard All That Remains? It's pretty impressive how they spent the entirety of the conversation talking about how wrong the opposing viewpoint is, without providing anything resembling a solution regarding school shootings. I will have plenty to say about this video on tonight's edition of the RIP a Livecast, but for now let's talk about the aftermath.

Former God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle posted a link to the interview and Trivium bassist Paolo Gregaletto decided to use his first amendment right to comment on the matter:

This resulted in an exchange with a fan that led to Phil chiming in.

And because Labonte has no life, and nothing to do, he actually did make a video in his car that is akin to a really bad diss track:

“So last night, Paolo from Trivium decided that he wanted to let me know that he didn’t like us, or he didn’t like All That Remains. And so he goes and talks some smack about singing, talks some smack about how great their last tour was. And their last tour did great numbers—to everyone involved, congratulations.

You guys had a great tour; it’s something to be proud of. But Paolo, nobody went to see that tour because Paolo was there. Nobody cares. If you weren’t there and it was some other dude, that tour would have done the same thing. You’re the third most important guy in a four-man band that changes their fourth member every couple of years. Everyone knows Trivium is Matt [Heafy vocalist/guitarist].

So jumping at me talking smack? Ain’t nobody calling you in the middle of the night saying, ‘Come save my tour’ [referring to the times Labonte has filled in for Five Finger Death Punch and Killswitch Engage.] You didn’t write the hits for Trivium. You’ve been riding coattails.

So here you go, Paolo. You wanted me to make a YouTube video about it? Here it is.”

As our friends at MetalSucks pointed out, there is no studio trickery of Paolo's bass guitar, meanwhile Labonte has been using auto-tune as a crutch for years. But whatever makes Labonte happy. It's interesting the only time anybody talks about him or his band is when he's making comments on gun control or starting dumb feuds.

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