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FEAR FACTORY Guitarist Says The New Record Sounds Like 1990's FEAR FACTORY

I hope they bring back the upright bass on "Edgecrusher."

I hope they bring back the upright bass on "Edgecrusher."

Back in September of last year we posted about Fear Factory being in the studio and now it sounds like that's all wrapped up! In a recent interview, guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell said the artwork is being done by Dave McKean and there's a title for the album. So how will it sound? Like late 1990's Fear Factory! According to Cazares in an interview:

“You do wanna take it to new places but you never want to take it too far. Fear Factory is the band that always been the one that experiments a little here and there. From our very first record that came out in 1992 Soul of a New Machine there was a big jump between that record and Demanufacture and then we just had to take it somewhere different on Obsolete and then we took it somewhere different again on Digimortal.

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Now when I re-entered the band, we took another big jump and we put out Mechanize and then we kind of wanted to go back a little bit and we did The Industrialist. Now this record, it’s probably going to be somewhere in between Demanufacture and Obsolete. It’s got the groovier darker elements of Obsolete but it has the fast riffing and the cold harshness from Demanufacture."

Considering those two albums are ones fans swear by, Fear Factory automatically has an expectation to live up to now! This will also be the first record where the band is joined by bassist Matt DeVries (ex-Chimaira, ex-Six Feet Under, etc.) and drummer Mike Heller (Malignancy, ex-Caricature, etc.)

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