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Fans Rioted After BRING ME THE HORIZON Cancelled Their Show Midway Through

It happened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

BMTH Riots

Bring Me The Horizon's set at the Ancol Beach City International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia didn't exactly go as planned on November 10.

Bring Me The Horizon got 11 songs into their set before technical and structural issues caused them to not only shut things down, but to cancel the next day's show as well. Predictably fans weren't thrilled by this news, and there was a riot as you'll see in the footage below.

"While we were performing last night, we got pulled off after one of our songs due to concerns from our crew and some of the local crew that the staging, the trust, basically a lot of the venue was structurally unsound," explained Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes in an Instagram story, as reported on by The PRP.

"It was bouncing so much that a lot of the video monitors, speakers, basically everything was bouncing at a really concerning amount and there were serious concerns that something would happen. The structure could've fallen and hurt people or worse, so we had no choice but to cancel the show.

"Unfortunately due to that situation, we can't play tonight either. We've looked at everything we could do. We kinda suggested that we take our video screens away, we take out lights away and just play some kind of stripped back show."

Promoter Ravel Jundary added: "I, Ravel Junardy as the promoter of Ravel Entertainment, would like to clarify and apologize profusely for the lack of a setlist for the main performers on the first day of the show due to technical difficulties.

"And we regret to inform you that the second day of the show had to be cancelled. As a form of responsibility, Ravel Entertainment will provide proportional refunds for the first day and also full refunds for the second day."

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