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EXODUS' GARY HOLT Cheered On Guitar Phenom MAYA NEELAKANTAN At Her America's Got Talent Audition

Good guy Gary Holt, making the metal youth's dreams come true.

Holt AGT

Internet guitar phenomenon Maya Neelakantan (who you probably know from her Tool covers) came to the United States for an audition on America's Got Talent. Neelakantan posted about her trip prior to leaving on Instagram, tagging a handful of metal legends that she'd love to meet while she was abroad.

In a very heartwarming move, Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer) flew down to Los Angeles to go cheer on Neelakantan at her audition, saying at the time: "Lisa Holt and I on our way to LA so see our friend Maya Neelakantan perform on America's Got Talent, so stoked for her! Can’t wait to cheer her on!!!"

Of course Neelakantan was over-the-moon-stoked, excitedly recounting her performance and time spent with Holt in an Instagram post. She wrote: "I had an incredible day! Played on America's Got Talent and on stage for the first time ever! And met the guitar legend Gary Holt for the first time ever! What a day!"

Neelakantan has since posted a way longer video and caption about the whole experience, and it's just so wholesome and nice. Shout out to Neelakantan for continuing to shred on guitar (check it all out here), and to Holt for being such an awesome guy.

"I Met GARY HOLT from Slayer/Exodus For The First Time! Priceless Moment!" wrote Neelakantan. "I had the best weekend here in Los Angeles. For the first time I got to meet Mr Gary Holt and his wife Mrs Lisa Holt. They came all the way from Sacramento just to watch me play on America's Got Talent on Sunday.

"I played on stage for the first time in my life and they were there to support me and cheer me on. My heart was beating so fast and I was so excited to meet them for a long time and the moment I saw I ran upto them and gave them a BIG HUG! What a day. A special day forever in my heart and I am so happy I finally got to meet one of my biggest inspirations, my Guitar God, Gary Holt! He is a true legend and such a kind and an amazing person.

"I never ever thought music would connect me to legends like this. The universe is taking me on an unforgettable journey that is just so magical and a Dream Come True!!!!! Thank you Gary Holt and Lisa Holt for making my day extra special! You both will forever be my special friends!"

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