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Ex-MEGADETH Drummer Video Taped A UFO In His Front Yard

It was probably Ziltoid. The bastard.

It was probably Ziltoid. The bastard.

Ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza was just chilling out in his front yard with his sons when he claims he saw a UFO! Seriously! Here's the video:

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I was pretty damn skeptical of the whole thing. I mean really, how many videos are there of "UFO sightings" on YouTube that just turn out to be a misshapen ant crawling across the camera lens or some garbage? That being said, Menza's video is weird and believable. Lambgoat got the scoop from the man himself.

 "I was standing in my front yard with my two boys and this is what we saw. [It had] the shape of a triangular object with rounded tips glowing yellow and white. Not sure what it is, but it looked totally awesome."

What say you, commentators? Space ship, Ziltoid finally coming down to enjoy his celebrity status on this planet or total bullshit?

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He also has high praise for Nick Menza.