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Ex-FLAW Guitarist Tommy Gibbons Quits Music After Major Plagiarism Accusations

That's one way to handle it.

flaw minus tommy

The Flaw plagiarism debacle all started back in mid-September when it turned out one song from the band's most recent album sounded a lot like one YouTuber's track. It then turned out that it wasn't just one song, but at least four songs and from a few different YouTubers.

Eventually guitarist Tommy Gibbons took the blame for the plagiarism. Gibbons offered a weak apology for the plagiarism, saying he simply forgot which songs he wrote and which songs he didn't write. He also let his bandmates off the hook, saying "None of the other band members had any knowledge or reason to believe these songs were written by anyone else, they are free and clear of any responsibility or wrongdoing."

Now, having been fired from Flaw, Gibbons is simply walking away from music altogether. His statement is brief, because really what else is there to say at this point? Dude stole a bunch of songs and then got bagged for doing it.

“Hey guys it’s been awhile and I’m just gonna get right to the point. I’ve decided to completely step away from music. I have no regrets and I’ve had an amazing and I mean amazing time!

Now it’s time for the next chapter of my life. Gonna focus on my son, enjoy the Holidays with my family and maybe even try to dabble in the family business. Who knows?

That’s the best part of life. Sometimes you just need to press restart. To all those who truly supported me I say thank you and I love you all.”

According to The PRP, Flaw is working on a new album. Hopefully with someone who's labeling their files right and not totally mixing up their originals with YouTube songs they downloaded, which is a very real thing that totally happens.

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