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Metal Crimes

FLAW Accused Of Plagiarizing At Least Four Songs Off YouTubers For Their Vol. IV Album

This isn't looking great.


A few weeks ago it came to light that Flaw's song "Wake Up" on their recent Vol. IV album was lifted nearly verbatim at points from YouTuber Douglas Pattrick's "Korn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14" instrumental track. At the time, vocalist Christopher Volz said he only writes lyrics to what his band gives him, that he had no idea the song was stolen, and that "this was not perpetrated by the whole band, just one member who royally screwed up and is being dealt with." Pattrick said Flaw "stole and plagiarized my music melody and structure" and he'd be contacting his lawyer.

As The PRP points out, it looks like Flaw also borrowed their song "Persistence" from Pattrick's "Korn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 22". The resemblance is definitely close enough, and considering it seems someone in Flaw is very familiar with Pattrick's work, this wouldn't be a stretch to assume additional theft. Take a listen for yourself.

While Pattrick's songs were allegedly stolen, it's not clear if the two from Sound For Production were (in terms of getting paid, anyway. They're 100% the same songs). The PRP now points out that Sound For Production's "Electro Metal Trailer" and "Intensity Metal Signal" are both Flaw's "On Your Feet" and "Sign Of The Times". It is, however, definitely clear that Flaw's two tracks were lifted from Sound For Production.

It does look like Flaw bought YouTuber Riff Master T's 2015 track "Nu Metal Instrumental 2", which used as the song "Conquer This Climb" on Vol IV. No word on if Pattrick has been compensated for his songs, though it doesn't seem like he was given the original story. It does seem odd that Flaw would buy Riff Master T's one song, but steal Pattrick's two songs, and maybe even Sound For Production.

Unless Riff Master T and Sound For Production were compensated afterward? Flaw has yet to comment on this new string of findings.

FLAW Accused Of Plagiarizing At Least Four Songs Off YouTubers For Their Vol. IV Album

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