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NAPALM DEATH Gig Interrupted by A Bat

Kinda gross.

Kinda gross.

Bats are really having a moment of revenge in the heavy metal community as of late. Yesterday, we reported Ozzy Osbourne's newly purchased home has a barn infested with wild bats and he would have to pay upwards of $28,000 to get a license to remove them.

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But the bats weren't done. At the Feb. 7th Napalm Death gig at The Palladium in Worcester, MA, the show had to be briefly paused as a bat got into the Palladium and caused a ruckus. Video was captured of the event:

As one commenter points out: 'the loud frequencies of that show probably fucked up its sensitive radar- making it "batshit insane."' Touche sir.

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