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Two Versions of DIVINE HERESY Plotting Return

Which side are you on?

Which side are you on?

We haven't heard fromĀ Divine Heresy in a while. The group was formed by Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, vocalist Tommy Vext and drummer Tim Yeung. Vext had a very public falling out with Cazares in 2008. The band eventually found a new vocalist inĀ Travis Neil. The band quickly fizzled when Dino rejoined Fear Factory and bassist Joe Payne got picked up for possession of 2,900 (!) grams of marijuana.

But earlier this week, for the first time in forever, we had rumblings of new music from the project, sort of.

Vext posted the below video to his Instagram page of he and drummer Tim Yeung in the studio:

Notice the wording they use. "We are back." But who is we? It seems like they'd like you to assume "we" is Divine Heresy. But they never say Divine Heresy, even though the caption of the video reads ""Dear Divine Heresy Fans. Tim Yeung & I have a public service announcement for you."

Divine Heresy fans immediately took to Twitter to ask Dino if he was involved in this reunion, and he made it clear multiple times that he is not working with Vext and Yeung and they are not doing a reunion.

Then, this morning, Dino posted the following from the Divine Heresy page:

Travis Neil and I have 5 songs complete and when we finish writing for the new cd we will announce who the drummer and a bassist will be . Unfortunately Due to personal reasons beyond his control Joe Payne cannot do it right now. We love him and wish him luck .
The reason why it's taking us so long is we want to write the best songs and sometimes that takes time plus we also have other personal projects occupying our time . Thank you for your patience and support.
Post by Divine Heresy.

I actually did some journalism and contacted Tommy Vext, who I consider a friend and asked him if the project he is working on with Tim will be called Divine Heresy and who else is in the band. He responded with this statement:

I can't comment as to the name of the band due to obvious legalities at this time. Details on the bands line up will be released later this month.

If you could allow me to speculate, I have a feeling that Tommy and Tim's band will not be called Divine Heresy. Based on the fact that Dino is posting from the band's Facebook feed and his rumored controlling nature, I am sure that he holds the rights to the band name and isn't about to give it up. If anything, I'm sure this lit a spark under his ass to get moving with new Divine Heresy music.

Meanwhile, I think Tim and Tommy did a great job of garnering a bit of publicity for their new project just by being incredibly general and letting certain other metal sites fill in the blanks for them. Regardless, I'm interested as to what these two have in store for us.

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