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SEPULTURA Reunion Not Happening, Or Is It? (No, It's Not)

Last week, I posted about Max Cavalera's quotes in a recent interview where he started pointing fingers for why the Sepultura reunion is not happening. Well, I guess Andreas and the rest of the current iteration of Sepultura read those quotes and they are fed up, and they ended up releasing the following video:

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If you are too lazy to watch the video, here is the juiciest part excerpted:

Don't listen to fucking rumors anymore. We are tired of listening to this fucking bullshit that Max is saying all over the world, that there's gonna be a reunion and this and that. We're here to say there's no communication, there's no talks about any type of reunion or any show with the Cavalera. Igor is doing his job, Max is supposed to do his job, and we are doing our job. We are Sepultura for 26 years and we celebrating this with a new album, a new deal and a new world tour. And I hope this is the end of fucking rumors and fucking lies, OK?!

Boom! I think it's awesome that Andreas and company made this statement so this thing can be put to the ground, at least for now. Clearly, the current version of the band have plans locked up to move forward with a new record and tour and no reunion will get in the way. But like they say, never say never!

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