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Max Cavalera Can't Stop Talking Shit on SEPULTURA

by: Robert Pasbani

Max Cavalera Can't Stop Talking Shit on SEPULTURA

For a guy who has said he'd love to reunite with his old Sepultura band mates, Max Cavalera just can't stop talking shit on his former band members. When news came out months ago, that Cavalera sent out feelers to Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser, he mentioned it was Kisser who couldn't agree to the terms. But now, Max has turned his attention to bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. and bashing him.

The shit talking happened when Max was asked about a recent Cavalera Conspiracy show in Brazil where Andreas and Paulo were spotted watching their set. Here is how it went down:

Sonic Excess: Members of Sepultura (guitarist Andreas Kisser and bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.) were in the audience for the [Cavalera Conspiracy] show in Brazil. Did you have a chance to talk with them, or did you see them in the crowd?

Max: No, I saw pictures. It was actually kind of funny. One guy wrote underneath [referring to a comment on Blabbermouth], "How cute, Andreas brought his father to the show." It was Paulo, and I guess Paulo looks really old these days. (laughs) But I did not see them, even though I was walking around backstage. I saw some other friends from Brazil, from my old times from when I lived there, but I didn't see those guys.

Max, you are really saying somebody looks old? First off, are you five years old? Secondly, do you own a mirror? Anyway, the interview looped back to Sepultura again and then this happened:

Sonic Excess: The classic Sepultura lineup reunion is always a subject, and it almost happened. Why did it fall though? I also heard that you will join Sepultura for Rock in Rio III. If this is true, will Igor be joining you?

Max: I have not heard anything about that, as far as trying to get Sepultura back together. I did call Andreas, and I had a real good talk with him. It sounded like he wanted to do it, and I had Igor onboard for the reunion. I think the only person preventing it is Paulo. I don't know why, but I think Paulo is really against the reunion. People should ask him why he is so against it, because I think it would be a great think for the fans to see the original lineup. Sepultura was one of the most important bands in the metal scene, and it would have been really cool to do it. I don't need a reunion, because Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy are doing great, but I would like to do it for the fans to show them we had this kick-ass band. We can do it again, but people should ask Paulo why it doesn't appeal to him.

A few months ago Max was saying Andreas was the one halting it, because he wanted too much money and had all these demands but now he's blaming Paolo. This dude sounds like an enraged ex-girlfriend looking for somebody to blame.

Max, if you don't need the reunion, and since it doesn't look like it's happening, here is an idea: Stop talking about it. Also, stop feeding the press quotes like "I guess Paulo looks old," because then I will sit here and write about it and then get agitated and then realize, Rob, why are you so pissed? All of these guys are loaded and are crying over petty bullshit. And then, I smoke a bowl and everything is alright.

Where were we?

Oh yea, stop holding your breath for a Sepultura reunion, because they are too dramatic to make it happen. With that said, I am really excited what the new Cavalera Conspiracy record will sound like. New Sepultura record? Not so much.

[ Interview excerpts via Blabbermouth ]

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