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PUDDLE OF MUDD Singer Threatens To Call Mafia on Sound Guy Before Walking Off Stage



Only two weeks after accusing an attendee of stealing his house and walking off stage, Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has yet again walked off stage, this time complaining about poor sound. It all went down last night at The Gin Mill & Grille in Northampton, PA.

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In the video below, you can see Scantlin getting pissed and yelling at the sound guy saying "do you wanna fuck with me, motherfucker? You might be a sociopath, man. I'll call the entire Kansas City mafia on top of your ass right now!" The rant continued…

"We don't want this show to be about anger, okay? We don't. This soundman, guy, whoever he is, he does not like Puddle of Mudd very much. You're about to waste everybody's time, mister sound genius of the world. This is the last song that we’re gonna play because the sound man hates Puddle of Mudd. He hates us. He has done nothing but bad things through the entire show, and he has ruined everybody's fucking night. And if you guys want to see who did it, it's the motherfucker right there."

After trying to sing "Blurry," Scantlin shouts "You suck!" and storms off stage never to return, pissing off fans.

The funny thing is this is the first show in the new venue and the promoters are none too pleased, releasing the below statement:

Our goal is to bring national acts to the Gin Mill at affordable prices in a more personal mid sized club venue and setting where every guest can get up close to the band.
Last night at our first concert event folks definitely got a show. Unfortunately, maybe not totally the one they were expecting. Though those who follow POM know the singer has a long history of on-stage meltdowns.
As for the The Gin Mill and Grille we'll continue to bring in national acts at very affordable prices usually 30 dollars or less for tickets purchased in house.

We've said it before…

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In the last year, Scantlin has been arrested for a DUI not once but twice in the span of a month, and has a history of skipping shows for being arrested or sometimes, no reason at all. The band had to delete their Facebook page because they were getting so many negative reviews, after being booed off stage.



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