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Metal Crimes

PUDDLE OF MUDD Frontman Arrested in Denver Airport; Bailed Out By Fan

Tip: don't fuck around in airports.

Tip: don't fuck around in airports.

Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin has been riding his 15 minutes of fame for basically fifteen years now. It's been at least a decade since he's done anything relevant and yet he keeps getting booked to play shows. Maybe not for too long though.

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Scantlin was arrested over the weekend at the Denver Airport after deciding to take a joyride through a carousel which led to a restricted area. Scantlin immediately got arrested throwing the show promoter for the night into a panic:

“So if you haven’t heard yet Wes the lead singer from Puddle Of Mudd decided to take a joy ride on the carousel at the airport this morning thru restricted access and got arrested. We have been on this all day and he is just about to be release from Jail and will head straight to the venue. The show will go on but that is why we are running late. ‪#‎fuckingrockstars‬”

A more appropriate hashtag would seem to be #fuckinghasbeens. Anyway, Scantlin eventually made the show BECAUSE A FAN WAS NICE ENOUGH TO BAIL HIM OUT:

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This dude is a fucking saint, blowing money on some idiot who decided to have fun as opposed to being responsible. I guess this is why Scantlin gets away with this shit, some fan will always bail him out.

Anyway, if you missed the gig and are hoping to see Puddle of Mudd in the Denver area again soon, good luck! The promoter made it clear he won't ever be booking them again:

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