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LAMB OF GOD's Willie Adler on His Brother Chris: "I Haven't Talked To Him"

It does not seem the two brothers have much of a relationship currently.

chris adler willie adler lamb of god

It's crazy to think it's been over a year since Chris Adler parted ways with Lamb Of God, but time flies I guess. Recently, Chris's brother, Willie Adler, who of course plays guitars in Lamb of God was interviewed and made it seem like the relationship between the brothers is not exactly at its best.

Speaking to Lambgoat's Vanflip Podcast, Willie was asked how his brother is doing. He responded "You would have to ask him… I would like to think that he's doing well, and I really want him to be doing well. I just haven't talked to him. I really want him to be doing well."

Willie expanded on the relationship the two have and the awkwardness of being ex-bandmates with your brother. "I mean, he's my brother, so we have shit that nobody else has. And till the day we both die, we'll always have that bond. But at the same time, Lamb of God is bigger than any one dude, and to do what's best for Lamb of God and where we are now, I think we did what's best for Lamb of God and where the band is currently."

In an interview last October, Chris Adler talked to DC101’s Elliot in the Morning about his relationship with Willie, saying "You know, it’s blood. It’s kind of one of those things, and not that this is the case, but with family, there is a level of disrespect that’s somehow tolerated, [where] it wouldn’t be with friends or whatever. And I don’t think there’s any real disrespect going on here in either direction. So, yeah, we’re gonna be fine.”

Prior to that he said “[Willie and I have] done it together. I wouldn’t call it a family business, but it’s kind of a cottage industry that we’ve put together, and it’s just unfortunate that we weren’t able to see eye-to-eye on it.”

As for the rest of the band, Chris noted he didn't have much to talk to them about. “We’ve spent 26 years in a bus, a train, a plane. There’s not much left to talk about. We’ve explored our friendships to the fullest.”

You might not be able to catch Lamb of God live in person right now, but you can catch 'em playing two killer shows online! Lamb of God has announced they'll be playing their their new self-titled album, as well as their 2004 album Ashes of the Wake, on September 18 and September 25 respectively. Both sets will feature encores, including fan favorites as well as songs that haven't been performed in years.

Each show will begin at 5pm EDT/2pm PDT. Streaming tickets will be $15 each, though a limited time bundle of $20 for both shows and are on-sale now via Lamb of God's website. Streams will be available to watch video-on-demand through 11:59pm EDT on Sunday for fans who purchase a ticket. Additionally, the band will be offering ticket and limited merch bundles plus an exclusive merchandise store available only to ticket holders during the stream.

The September 18 show will be opened by Bleed From Within and the September 25 show will be opened by Whitechapel. Bleed from Within will be airing a brand new full production 30 minute set and Whitechapel will air their memorable 2014 hometown performance from Knoxville, TN.

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