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Featuring Killer be Killed, Brand of Sacrifice, Whitechapel, Knocked Loose, Pig Destroyer and more!

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"This was enjoyable on so many levels for us to make, and we hope you share that same joy during these hard times."

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Everything from death metal and funeral doom to alternative rock and djent.

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Five extra dates on top of a massive tour with Atreyu.

Latest Music Videos

Music Videos

Whitechapel have released a new music visualizer for the final track on their most recent album, The Valley. The track is "Doom Woods" and...

Music Videos

Whitechapel have just unveiled a haunting new music video for "Hickory Creek" from their upcoming album, The Valley. The album's lyrics were written based...

Music Videos

A few weeks ago, Whitechapel frontman Phil Bozeman ranted about metal elitism, and it turns out the subject has been on his mind quite...

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Whitechapel has certainly become, in my opinion, one of the more unique metal bands still making music today. The name Whitechapel still evokes the...


Witnessing the evolution of a genre shifting to its next stylistic phase is somewhat entertaining. It's like watching paint dry off a well-crafted piece...


Man, it's too bad MTV doesn't show music videos anymore. I know, I know, tired ass grumpy old man argument, but hear me out....


In the world of deathcore, there aren’t too many bands that do it for me quite like Whitechapel. The band, to me, represents all...

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Latest Live Footage

Live Footage

Specifically "Forgiveness Is Weakness," "Brimstone" and "When a Demon Defiles a Witch."

Live Footage

Whitechapel will be releasing Mark Of The Blade on June 24 via Metal Blade Records and, despite initially mixed reactions to the first single,...

Live Footage

Click here to watch more full sets from Knotfest. 00:00 The Saw is the Law 05:06 Section 8 09:44 Let Me Burn 15:40 I,...

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