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George Lynch "Got Spanked" For Revealing AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis Was Out Of Jail; Talks More About AS I LAY DYING

"I don't wanna alienate anybody or get into anybody's business."

"I don't wanna alienate anybody or get into anybody's business."

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis served only two and a half years on a six-year sentence after he was arrested and eventually convicted of solicitation of murder for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his now ex-wife.Lambesis blamed it all on steroids and marital problems, was quietly released from prison in December 2016, and has since remarried. Of all people to reveal this info was shredder George Lynch, whose daughter was once engaged to former As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa.

Lynch might have been a little too tipsy back in February, when he was interviewed by Eddie Trunk and noted that Lambesis was out and that he essentially fucked over his band and ex-wife. He said at the time:

"He recently got out of jail. He destroyed his band. They don't have a pot to piss in now; they're all struggling. [They are] a great band. I know them very well because, actually, the guitar player was my daughter's fiancé. And, actually, the drummer [Jordan Mancino] played in another project I had ways back, Souls Of We. So, anyways, he's out, he's got a mega record deal, he's got a book deal, everything's lined up for him. I mean, he's gonna skate through life. Everybody else is suffering. His wife is living in fear, his children are living in fear. His band doesn't have a pot to piss in."

I bet Lambesis' former bandmates weren't too pleased with hearing they don't "have a pot to piss in." Especially, after the former AILD members tried to reestablish themselves in Wovenwar. In fact, Lynch confirms as much in a brand new interview. Speaking to the Talk Toomey podcast, Lynch was asked about the As I Lay Dying situation, and was a bit more tight-lipped this time around:

"Well, I can't really address that. I got spanked a little bit for talking about that stuff. I had a few drinks on me on Monsters Of Rock cruise and Eddie Trunk grabbed me to do an interview and I probably talked about some things I should have kept my mouth shut about. But, yeah, so I would probably not be the guy to speak to you about that. I don't wanna alienate anybody or get into anybody's business."

It turns out that Lynch burned some bridges after his initial statements, and he goes on to say he's very sorry he made them and hopes he can reconcile with some of the people he hurt.

"I've gotta say the good guys got hurt and the bad guy was rewarded," he said. "And that's very sad, because the drummer [Jordan Mancino] played in a project that I had called Souls Of We for a while, and, obviously, my daughter was engaged to be married to the guitar player. And we're friends. There was a little falling out over that interview that I did, which I feel bad about, and we really haven't mended fences to this day. I hope we're able to at some point, because I have tremendous respect for them as just really wonderful, sterling, good human beings with good hearts and good minds."

Lambesis has stayed out of the public eye for the most part, however the band did post a status to social media two months ago, teasing new activity.

[via Blabbermouth]

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