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Former THE FACELESS Guitarist Claims Michael Keene's "Heroin Addiction" To Blame For Band's Problems

He also trashes the old lineup.

He also trashes the old lineup.

The Faceless has not been having a terribly stellar 2018, mainly due to the fact that everyone besides vocalist and guitarist Michael Keene have quit the band. The guys who quit all made statements that suspiciously left Keene out of the "thank yous," which should make it clear that the split probably wasn't amicable.

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Keene responded in short through The Faceless' Facebook page saying there would be a new lineup soon and that they would not miss any shows, and now he's saying via his Instagram that there's a new lineup in place. Keene also throws the old lineup under the bus saying they betrayed and disrespected him, which immediately elicited a response from ex-guitarist Justin McKinney

Let me begin by saying, naturally there are two sides to every story and if you knew the events that transpired and the betrayal and disrespect I've received in the past few months, your jaw would hit the floor. It's a miracle I'm still standing. Next just let me tell you that this is honestly a fantastic thing for The Faceless. Not only the morale, but the music and show. This year's touring cycle is going to be a pleasure and it is going to be a Faceless show like you've NEVER seen before. I cannot wait for everyone to see it. Also the confirmed players I'm working with are absolute ANIMALS and I'm honored to have them working with me. We are going to have a blast. Many exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

McKinney fired back in the comment section of that post, claiming Keene's live performances weren't genuine and that Keene needs to get his "fucking life together and take responsibility for [his] shitty actions."

Here you go again shifting blame away from yourself And towards the last 18 people who have quit the band. stealing money from the band stealing money from fans. Telling fans the reason why you can’t play your guitar is because of me being ‘nervous’ not because of your heroin addiction and the fact that you never practice. Back tracking your solo in spiraling, getting the bands equipment sold from your storage unit from non payment and using the money [Faceless manager EJ Shannon] sent you to pay for the unit was used to by heroin. Getting so high that you can’t even make flights on time. Ya we sure betrayed you dude. Get your fucking life together and take responsibility for your shitty actions.

Keene has admitted to being a recovering drug addict, but this is the first time anybody has publicly stated what the addiction was to.

You can read both the original post and McKinney's response below.

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