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FLAW Accused of Plagiarizing YouTuber's Song, Vocalist Said He Had No Idea

It's pretty obvious.


On December 8, 2016, YouTuber Douglas Pattrick posted a song called "Korn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14". On July 19, Flaw released a new album called Vol. IV Because Of The Brave, which among others features a new track called "Wake Up". Though really, "Wake Up" was actually released on December 8, 2016 by YouTuber Douglas Pattrick under the name "Korn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14", because Flaw pretty much jacked the entire song.

Hear for yourself below.

Pattrick responded to the theft, saying Flaw "stole and plagiarized my music melody and structure" and he'd be contacting his lawyer, which is fair. There's really no question here that Flaw stole a good chunk of Pattrick's song and used it themselves. In a since-deleted statement captured by MetalSucks, Flaw vocalist Christopher Volz says he only writes lyrics to what his band gives him, and that he had no idea the song was stolen in the first place.

“Flaw Family, I feel like I need to address the recent article in PRP about Flaw plagiarizing someone else’s riff. I’m addressing this here first because there has been so much crap and rhetoric being spread by our ‘haters’ and people who just want to spread drama on social media. The article also makes the whole band look bad and that is just simply not the case.

“First and foremost in my 20 years in this industry I have NEVER and will NEVER steal anyone else’s music or ideas. I pride myself on writing my own lyrics and melodies and take the personal side of my music VERY seriously. I also take intellectual property rights very seriously since it is also what protects my work and art. I recorded this new album the same way I have done all the others, I may write a full song here and there but the bulk of the albums music is written by the band members and I rearrange the songs after they are presented to me if needed. I have never ever had to experience any doubt about the tracks being presented to me as ‘legit’ originals.

“This new album was no different. I was presented 12 tracks with no vocals by a member and began writing vocals right away, I had absolutely NO reason to believe the songs weren’t written by them. The fact that this one guitar riff was written by someone else years ago is a shock to me and I am still trying to process how upset I am over this. I am dealing with this band member internally and will make the appropriate future decision based on the circumstances and severity of the issue.

“I have also made contact with the YouTube guy that wrote the riff and have made an offer to compensate him for his work, he is being cool about the whole thing. This whole situation has been extremely tough on me, I take my job and my art VERY seriously and seeing the way people reacted to this on social media has me questioning if I even want to continue to be in this industry anymore. I did nothing wrong at all, all I did was write and sing my heart out like I always have and then this happens.

“I am beyond upset. For those of you buying into the crap being spewed by the ex-members and our ‘haters’ please remove yourself from anything related to Flaw. If you can’t see that this was not perpetrated by the whole band, just one member who royally screwed up and is being dealt with, and that 20 plus years of blood sweat and tears pouring my whole life and soul in this industry has taken integrity and sacrifice, then I don’t know what to tell you."

Flaw as a band has not yet addressed this issue. I mean, it's one thing to have a riff that sounds questionably like someone else's song, but "Wake Up" is a few steps short of being a carbon copy of Pattrick's track.

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