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Fan of THE FACELESS Alleges Michael Keene Owes Them Money, Manager Offers Refunds

Things not looking great for Keene.

Things not looking great for Keene.

It's not been the best week for Michael Keene, the founding guitarist of The Faceless. At the beginning of the week, his entire band quit on him, making it very clear that he was the problem.

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Keene released a statement saying he's already putting a new band together. He tried to throw his former members under the bus, and then former guitarist Justin McKinney called him out saying "telling fans the reason why you can’t play your guitar is because of me being ‘nervous’ not because of your heroin addiction and the fact that you never practice." Now another person is calling out Michael Keene.

A fan posted a comment on Facebook saying that Keene stole $650 from him, promising to produce his album, and never delivered:

“I am one of apparently many ex-The Faceless fans who was stolen from by Michael Keene.

“In my case, $650 of my money was stolen in May 2016 after he agreed to mix/master my band’s album, and do 3 Skype guitar lessons. We had one Skype conversation that was pretty cool and informative. After that Skype call, I never heard from him again. No mixing, no further lessons, no refund of my deposit, and email correspondence went silent. All that money, wasted. It sucks because every time I’ve spoken with this guy in years past, he had been really cool to me. Actions (or in this case, inaction) speak louder than words. Mike, I was an enormous supporter of your band and you let me down. With all the annual insanity going on with The Faceless right now I figured this is a good time to post my story.

“Always always always sign a contract. Hopefully no one will fall for this type of thing again.”

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He included screenshots of the email exchange with Keene:

Fan of THE FACELESS Alleges Michael Keene Owes Them Money, Manager Offers Refunds

E.J. Shannon, The Faceless’ manager, is graciously offering refunds to any fans that got ripped off. You can contact him at this e-mail address: ejshannon AT ejshannonmanagement DOT com.

And in the future, if you give somebody money for anything, make sure to get a contract.

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