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Dispute Between Dave Mustaine & Lars Ulrich Leads To METALLICA's No Life Til Leather Reissue Being Shelved

You guys know that Dave Mustaine used to be in Metallica, right? Of course you do. I mean, half of the history of the RIP a Livecast has been about their troubled relationship (we highly recommend our Some Kind of Monster episode). Anyway, it seemed like things wre going well between the two parties as of late, but that doesn't mean they still don't have their disagreements.

A fan on Twitter found an old Metallica No Life Til Leather demo and asked Dave if he sang back up vocals and another fan chimed in to note Ron McGovney played bass on the album, but is not credited on the demo tape. This led Mustaine to throw some shade:

A fan responded to that tweet with the comment "I think he [presumably Lars] can only credit himself to make more money." This led Dave to a little bit of story time. In case he deletes the tweet, he wrote:

“James contacted me 2 years ago. We were going to officially release the ‘No Life Till Leather’ demo as a record, w/27 tracks, pics, the whole enchilada, and the talks broke down because Lars wanted credit on two songs I wrote every note and word to. I have the texts. I passed.”

So this is certainly interesting. I'm sure we'll get comment from James or Lars soon enough, they happen to be really good at talking to the press.

[via The PRP]

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