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DAVE LOMBARDO on SLAYER: "They Weren't Really My Friends"

Lombardo has learned the difference between a friend and a business partner.

Lombardo has learned the difference between a friend and a business partner.

We've already accepted that Dave Lombardo is basically never coming back to Slayer. Ever since being ousted last January, there has been a lot of mudslinging in the press. Kerry King said some things, vocalist/bassist Tom Araya said some vicious things and Lombardo himself has slung his fair share of mud.

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But, I think we're finally reaching a level of acceptance here.

In a new interview with My Global Mind, focusing on his drum clinics, Lombardo had a bit of an epiphany when it came to his former band mates:

Yeah, it’s strange. It’s unfortunate as well because I realize now that they weren’t really my friends. They were just business partners. I lived and hung out with them, as if they were friends. Wow these guys are watching out for me-and it didn’t quite turn out that way.

I can't imagine Lombardo was referencing the recently-deceased Jeff Hanneman, whom he had nothing but nice things to say about in his touching tribute a few months ago.

Still, it seems like Lombardo isn't sitting in a room sulking because he added:

I am more like-oh well, shit happens. Move on, you know.

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I hope that moving on somehow involves him collaborating with Mike Patton again. I interviewed Dave at Mayhem Fest almost five years ago, and he mentioned he would absolutely be opened to it, as long as everybody's schedules sync up.

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