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Brent Hinds Says Being In MASTODON Is "The Most Brutal Job I've Ever Had; I Would Rather Frame Houses Again"

Brent Hinds does not hold back.

Brent Hinds does not hold back.

Brent Hinds is nothing if not honest. He's been honest about hating heavy metal, much to the chagrin of Mastodon fans. He was probably too honest at the Grammys so he got kicked out.

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Hinds was recently on the Let There Be Talk podcast and he echoed the sentiments of his bandmate, Bill Kelliher, that the music industry is taking everything they can from him and sucking his creativity dry. It's an interesting look at the life of a rock star – its not as glamorous as it seems.

Here is the transcription from Ultimate Guitar:

When are you guys going to work on a new album?

“What I really wanna do and what I hope people will let me do is take some fuckin’ time off and let me breathe. That’s how shitty the music industry is. Because you’ve got to work your dick into the dirt before you can see any worms.

“This is definitely the most brutal job I’ve ever had. I would definitely rather frame houses again. Like, no one’s looking at me. It’s like, ‘Stop looking at me just because I fuckin’ play a goddamn show on the stage.’ I don’t give a fuck. Honestly, I just don’t care. Never have cared.

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“But when the opportunity’s there and you strike and it happens and then they milk you… I feel like I’m being milked like a dry hyena titty. I have nothing left for anyone. They’ve worked me to my fuckin’ soul, it is almost gone.

“My next thing that’s gonna happen for me is I’m not gonna play music for a year or two. I need to go regather myself.”

After this tour?

“Never said that. I said that’s what’s next for me. As far as me, what’s next for me, is that.

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“Now, what’s next for me in my job – I couldn’t tell ya. They probably got tours booked up their fuckin’… Their bank accounts. I don’t know. They got me booked as long as they need to eat. Or as long as they need to shop. Or whatever they do with their money.

“I don’t care. All I care about is my peace of mind, which is leaving me. So I need to stop and recalculate myself. I need to decompress from all this and I need to press the restart button and just kind of reboot myself in a way.

“I just got married about a year or so ago. I gotta go down there and meet all her family. I’ve been on tour constantly. It’s just not healthy. My next thing to me is to go get healthy and just to get away from the music business for hopefully over a year.

“It’s okay. It’ll be okay. I can still play music. If people want me to play good music they need to let me go for a year. If anyone that had a half of mind that was in charge of anything that I did would listen to what I say and not ignore what I say. Which happens a lot.”

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How do you write songs?

“I compile… I don’t really write songs. I compile songs. It takes me a while to write a song. Or a song just comes at me and I write it overnight.

“If I really want to do something impressive, I work on it for about a year and really put the pieces where I need them. I have different methods, of course. I have several methods. You don’t have enough time on this podcast.

“I do a lot of things that I don’t even really want to talk about, honestly. I roll dice and I name dice different chords. I do all kinds of weird things that I’ve taught myself how to do just from being a music teacher also. I teach guitar classes every day at 1:30 to some unassuming whoever. And then I just try to plow through the mud with them.”

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You teach online?

“No. Only when I’m on tour. I don’t do anything online. I wake up, I have to give a guitar lesson at 1, and then the soundcheck starts, and then the interviews start, and then meet-and-greet starts, and then the doors open.

“We even rarely have time to hang out with the people that you’ve become very fond of in those parts of the world. Because they work you like a broke-dick dog because of how fucked the music industry is for rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal.

“Any kind of music that requires raw talent – good luck.”

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Maybe it's for the best that Mastodon had to cancel their upcoming tour, even if the reason for cancelling wasn't the most positive one.

Maybe the recharge is exactly what Hinds needs. It seems like he and the rest of the band could use some time to decompress and hang out with family.

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